Unjust Facts’ Privacy Policy

We at Gray Studio appreciate you for playing Unjust Facts, please find below our privacy policy:

1. What information do we collect?

None, we do not collect data from our users, we will only have the info Google/Apple collects as per the Play Store/App Store privacy policy regarding downloads, reviews ..etc, as such, we trust you with providing feedback directly to us at (Hello@Gray.ly).

This app/game will not require any special permissions, if it does it is not authentic and please report it immediately to (Hello@Gray.ly).

2. Do we make updates to this policy?

We may in the future update this policy, in which case you will be notified and requested to read and accept the new privacy policy before continuing to play Unjust Facts.

3. How can you contact us about this policy?

Please send any concerns you may have to (Hello@Gray.ly), we will respond as soon as we can.


This game was developed through a collaboration of the below team members:
Mohamed Elmejrab – Developer/Designer
Ashraf Bin Alhaj – Researcher
Wadih Albeskini – UI/UX


Thank you for playing Unjust Facts, below are the sources for further information, the numbers below in the format “[x]” denote the level number in the game.

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